Cloud power ​​to the factory floor

​Beacon Tower improves asset management decision making, as well as operational visibility and control for plants, ​machines, infrastructure and equipment within asset-intensive industries.

​Automation flexibility

​Beacon Tower ​is configured to connect to all PLCs, DCS, SCADA and MES so that you ​gain maximum automation flexibility and escape vendor lock-in.

​Cloud power ​to the factory

​Beacon Tower ​transmits, ​collects and analyses all data from your machines, e.g. vibrations, temperatures, rpm, pressure and any other data value.

Bridging OT and IT

​​Beacon Tower lets your business use ​​modern and cost-effective IT presentation and analytics tools so that visualisation of your OT is ​up-to-date.

​Collect data from all assets in the cloud

​Beacon Tower is a cloud and edge software platform based on Microsoft Azure​. We help you install the edge software on any modern gateway at the factory, truck, ​machine ​or any other industrial asset and connect to the cloud. We set-up and maintain the cloud platform so it suits your needs for ​device management, integration, data management, analytics and security.

​​The IIoT platform for enterprises

​Beacon Tower enables manual and automated tasks to create, provision, configure, troubleshoot and manage fleets of IoT devices and gateways remotely, in bulk or individually, and securely. We assist you all the way.

​Gain insights and perform actions

​​Beacon Tower federate and orchestrate data in the cloud direct from assets and historically siloed data sources ​from industrial environments such as, historians and enterprise asset management. The cloud enables better and more cost-effective data accessibility for ​internal and ​external use. The platform ​has tools for data visualisation and ​execution of actions based on real-time alerts triggered by ​events in the asset(s).

​Platform principles

​Beacon Tower is engineered to support the requirements of safety, security and mission criticality associated with industrial assets and their operating environments. ​
The platform is developed with flexibility, security and scalability in mind. That means ​it can be utilised for enterprises with thousands of assets ​as well as companies with only a few connected assets.

Offline and local computing power

Much data becomes useless just seconds after it’s generated, so having the lowest latency possible between the data and the decision is critical. Beacon Tower Edge optimizes for performance between edge and cloud while ensuring management, security, and scale.

​Cost-effective managed service

Beacon Tower is a managed platform: it is continually updated and we offer support and maintenance of custom built services.
Beacon Tower is built on Azure technology and we guarantee for utilisation of best Azure services with respect to performance and cost effectiveness.

​Industry 4.0 and interoperability

We have designed Beacon Tower from a point of view that Industrial IoT gravitates around integration of systems. Beacon Tower complies with Industry 4.0 interoperability standards and the design principles are openness and data flexibility.